Class A - Home Learning

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Page last updated 24/03/2020

Teacher - Nafisa Apa

Advised Routine

  1. Sabak - 10 mins

  2. 1 Revision Topic - 10 mins

  3. Practice Duas - 10 mins

Join the class group for discussions, questions and interactive sharing of knowledge

Daily Sabak

  • Red/Blue Book - 1 Line

  • Green book - 2 lines

Revision Topics

Please rotate one of the following topics everyday:

  • 5 pillars of Islam 

  • 5 daily Namaz and time of day prayed

  • 6 names of Allah ta'ala and meanings

  • Focus on general knowledge questions in Level sheets

  • Read stories about the prophets covered in class eg. Prophets Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim and Ismail (alayhai salaam) and the Khaleefas Abubakr Siddique and Umar Farooq (radialaho tala anho).

  • Revise our beloved Prophet's family tree using worksheet provided


Print and use the following worksheets as required.



Dot to Dot.png
5 PIllars.png

Resources & Links

The below are specific links the teacher see as useful for the students of this class. 

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