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As the saying goes, 'Readers are Leaders'. Reading has numerous benefits including increasing knowledge, improving vocabulary and communication and expanding comprehensive thinking. "Iqra" was the first word of the the Holy Qur'an revealed to our Beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) therefore reading is centre to our history. 


In the modern world of TV, internet and social media, the connection to reading especially amongst the new generation is being lost. For this reason, at Illume we are introducing a drive to promote reading and one of the initiatives we are introducing is a book club.


How does it work: Students who join the book club will be given (or asked to source) a specific book. They will be given a date for when they need to complete the book, within their own time. On the day of the book club, the students will meet and collectively discuss their experience of the book. This includes describing the content, what their interpretation of it, key messages/themes of the book amongst other aspects. A new book will then be allocated. 


Who: Students of Illume Education who are capable of reading.


When: A deadline will be set to complete the book by and the club meeting point, date and time will be decided. It is expected to be during Madrasa time, although this is yet to be confirmed. 


Where: Location is to be confirmed, although expected to be in Madrasa.

Cost: There will be a small fee to enrol your child into the book club. Parents will also need to purchase the book selected.

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