COVID19 Safety

The safety of our staff, parents, students and attendees is of utmost importance.  For this reason we have taken significant steps to ensure our Madrasa & Masjid are ‘COVID safe’. This has been done by reviewing government advice. 
Note:  With time and in-line with government advice we will look to relax some measures where possible.


Clean Hands

Hand sanitisers are available at the entrance of the Madrasa/Masjid and in class.  We will continue to promote good hand hygiene.

Respiratory Hygiene

We will maintain good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.

Drop Off/Pick Up

3 entrances will be used at the Oldhams centre.  These are allocated to the following classes.  Students are advised to enter and exit using their entrance to avoid mixing bubbles.

  • Main Entrance - Illume Stars Nursery/Reception (5.30pm start) & Class B (5.15pm start)

  • Side Left Entrance - Class A & Class C (5.15pm start)

  • Side Right Entrance - Class F (5.15pm start)

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Markers will be visible on the floor of the entrances.  We ask parents to use these as guides for social distancing when waiting in a queue to drop off their child.

Wait in Car

If you arrive before class time, we request that you remain in your car until the class allocated time.


Students showing any signs of unwell should be kept at home or they will be sent home.  Parents will be expected to pick them up immediately.  The students will be kept apart from other students/teachers during this period.


Each class will be treated as a bubble.  Contact between bubbles will be avoided.

Equipment Use

Sharing of equipment and books will be minimised. We request students to bring their own stationary from home.


Frequently touched items such as benches will be cleaned before the start of each class.  Carpet/rugs used on the floor will be disinfected using spray.


Strictly no food from outside to be brought in by children.  This is to avoid sharing of food/sweets.  Any treats given by the teachers will be done via separate individual portions.

Close Contact

Contact between teachers, students and parents will be minimised.  

Prayer Mat - Class M Only

Class M Boys are to bring a Prayer Mat with them to class.  They will need it when performing Namaz at the Masjid.


We request that students do not bring their coats/jackets or any removal items to Madrasa.  It is preferred that parents take them off their child before they enter. 

Designated Toilets

Each class will be informed of their designated toilet. 


Visitors and parents will not be allowed into the centre without prior appointment.  Anyone who has an appointment or Illume Stars Parents on day 1 will be asked to enter wearing a face covering.


Along with the measures for Madrasa the following will be applied for the Masjid

Prayer Mat

Attendees are asked to bring their own prayer mat.

Face Mask

As per guidelines attendees to the Masjid should wear a face mask.


Attendees are advised to perform ablution/wudhu at home prior to arriving at the Masjid.


We ask all attendees to maintain social distancing throughout their visit.