Will my details be kept confidential?

Yes. Data confidentiality and security are very important to us and we have processes in place to ensure information is not misused. The individuals has been carefully selected and guided by Mufti Sahib himself. Each have also signed a Non Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement. Your details will NOT be advertised or displayed online.

Can I hold the meeting at any location?

Yes. Once we have discussed a possible match you have the choice either to hold the initial meeting at the IEC Bolton Centre (See About page) or any location of your choice, either way we will liaise with both parties to make this a seamless task.

What is the Donation used for?

The donation is purely and totally used for religious activities and progressing good initiatives. IEC marriage is totally run on a voluntary basis and none of the volunteers gets paid but work only for the sake of ALLAH.

Is this for only specific towns?

No. Our primary focus is the UK.

What happens after I Submit Details?

We will search for a suitable match and if a match is found we will contact the Parent/Guardian to discuss further and help through the whole process.

When will I be contacted?

A representative from IEC Marriage will contact you as soon a suitable match is found. If no contact is made by IEC Marriage then please be patient as there are several discussions we have to hold in the background. As soon as it is suitable for us to contact you we will do so.