Get Involved
Our volunteers dedicate several hours each week to work on various projects and activities with the purpose to bring positive change to the community.  Why not get involved and help us reach our goals?  This could be from helping with a simple manual task to managing an entire project.  Any contribution, little or large, can have a significant impact and is an amazing oppurtunity to gain thawab.
"Life is unpredictable.  Use your time wisely.  Do something for the community, for the ummah, for Din.  You will surely find something you can do to help Islam.  It's just the matter of standing up and taking that very 1st step" MHQ 2021
The below is a list of current ongoing projects.  If you wish to volunteer your time for any of these, then please fill in the form below and we will be in touch:
Illume Essential Duas & Surah Book Project

Project to distribute our Illume Essentials Duas & Surahs book across the UK. 

* Approaching various Madrasas and helping them embed the book into their syllabus 

* Assist with selling the books online including Amazon and Ebay.


Help with the general maintenance of the Masjid:

* Paint & decorating interior/exterior

* Weekly clean up


We are providing 5 daily namazs. You can help by:

* Assist with opening and closing the masjid for selected namazs

* Invite locals to Masjid

Illume Madrasa

Our Madrasa is progressing with new ideas and always looking to improve further:

* Design app for students

* Help update all policies

* Create welcome pack for students

* Volunteer as a teaching assistant

Social Media

Help manage our various social media platforms including the newly formed IEC Marriage accounts:

* Produce designs to share positive messages to our followers

* Manage updates

* Create event posters