IEC Marriage

Modern approach with traditional values

A modern way to muslim match making with traditions and religious customs in mind.

IEC Marriage has been running since 2015 and has been successful in arranging numerous marriage meetings.  

Our concept is simple; you submit your details and we become the 'middleman/woman' and find suitable matches and arrange meetings.


Your details

Your details are only viewed dedicated, trustworthy and reputable individuals of the community.  They have been selected by Mufti Sahib and entrusted with the responsiblity to deal with each application with due care and high confidentiality.  Each individual has also signed a Non Disclosure and Confidentiality agreement to protect applicant information.

IEC Bolton have recognised the growing need of support for men & women seeking appropriate partners for Marriage.


Following requests by parents and family members of the community for initiatives to make the marriage seeking process easier, we are providing this unique service to the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah community.


A strictly confidential service where details of the person seeking marriage can be entered for free, allowing their information to be utilised in finding a suitable potential marriage prospect. 


This service is unique in comparison with other marriage services and is under the guidance of a notable Sunni Aalim, with the sole intention being to serve the community and wider Ummah for the sake & pleasure of Almighty Allah.


IEC Bolton operates and is maintained by your donations.  We request that if as a result of you find a match and wedding arrangements are made, then a donation, as indicated on the Register form, is made to the centre.  All donations will be used purely to increase the good activities, serve the centre and be a means of Sadka- e-Jariyah for you.  It is important to note that all activities are done on a Voluntary Non-Profit basis.

Donation Upon Success