Home Learning

The home learning portal allows parents to continue their child's Islamic education in the event of an extended period off Madrasa.  This has been created as a solution to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the risk of having Madrasa closed for a unknown period of time.


How will it work?

Teachers at Illume Education will upload worksheets, class guides, revision tips and more on a periodic basis.  Parents are advised to use these and allocate some time at home to educate their children on the topics.  

What if I can't do all the worksheets etc?

We understand the current situation we face is unpredictable and concerning for many parents.  It is not our expectation that all worksheets are completed, however, we do request that a portion of time each day is allocated to progress your child's Islamic education.

What's the best way to use the worksheets etc?

Our advise is that you create a routine and structure to each days home learning lesson.  It is not expected that these sessions are long, a 20/30 mins session would be sufficient daily to cover the required topic.  Use the initial part of the lesson on the revision topics including Quran Sabak and then onto the worksheets, tasks, revision.  You could keep each day different so that the child remains engaged.  

How long will we need to use this?

We are monitoring the situation daily and unfortunately it is currently unknown how long the madrasa closure will last.