Illume Coins - Reward & Recognition

Illume Coins are our approach to rewards and recognition for students at Illume Education.  This innovative concept has been developed to promote student excellence and to motivate students in achieving the highest standard.  Illume Coins are physical coins that will be awarded to students, with which they will be able to trade in exchange for various rewards.

How it works

  • Students are awarded Illume Coins by the teachers as a form of recognition for exemplar behaviour & performance. 

  • Illume Coins are to be collected and kept safe by the students. 

  • Students can trade these in exchange for rewards from the Illume Coins Store.

Earn Coins

Illume Coins can be earned in many ways:

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Act of Sunnah
An exemplary sunnah act carried out and witnessed by the teacher
1 Coin
Outstanding contribution to the assembly
1 Coin
Full term attendance
5 coins - 100% attendance during term
End of Year Performance
End of year exams results
Gold Award - 10 Coins, Silver Award - 5 Coins, Bronze Award - 2 Coins
Completing homework to a high standard
1 Coin
Attendance to events and programs.
1 Coin
Outstanding progress in class
1 Coin
Special Tasks
Special tasks will be advertised to earn coins
Upto 3 Coins
Student of the Month
Selected by the teacher each month based on behaviour, progress, improvement etc
3 Coins
Teachers rewards
Coins given by teacher during class for exceptional behaviour/performance
1 Coin
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Other ways to earn Illume Coins include:

  • Namaz League performance.

  • Booster activities where Illume Coins are doubled.

  • Parents purchase Illume Coins to use for their rewards and recognition at home.


How to Spend Illume Coins

There will be various ways Illume Coins could be spent:

  • Illume Coin Store -  Selection of rewards can be purchased using the Illume Coins.

  • Trips - A minimum Illume Coin entry will be set for various trips. 

  • Charity - On occasions we will ask for students to spend coins in return for money sent to various charitable causes.

  • Zakat - Annually the students will give zakat on their coins (with a special reward at the end of it).