Illume Coins Store

Well done on your good performance and collecting of Illume Coins.  If you like to redeem your Illume Coins for some reward then choose from the items below and complete the order form to place your order.  Give the correct number of Illume Coins at reception and your reward will be given to you in the next few days. 

Walker Crisps

All flavours

4 Coins

Fruit Shoot

Apple Blackcurrent or Orange

3 Coins

Table Football

Small Table football table

30 Coins

Cadburys Chocolate

Any Cadbury's single bar chocolate

5 Coins


Size 5 Premier League Football

30 Coins

Travel the World


30 Coins

Cadburys Bites

Any Cadbury bites bag

10 Coins

Amazon Tablet

Fire 7 32Gb Tablet

50 Coins

Bracelet Maker

Bracelet Maker set

30 Coins

...Keep a look out as more and more rewards are added

Account: IEC Madani Masjid
Sort code 08-92-99
Account Number  65888076

Charity Number: 1181648