Illume Fasttrack 

What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is a personalised approach to a student's development. When enrolled on this programme, students are created a detailed programme plan in partnership with their parents/guardians and teachers to recover any gaps in their knowledge/education. The ultimate aim is to supplement a child’s education and fast track their development. 

Why is FastTrack important?
On some occasions, a student may fall behind other students in their class and if left unresolved, it can impact the student's future education.  This can be for various reasons including:

  • Prolonged absence(s).

  • Mid-year admission.

  • Extra attention required on specific topics.

Ensuring each child is on the same/similar level to other students in their age group/class is important for a number of reasons:

  • Having a student too far behind their class mates could impact the child’s confidence.

  • The teacher has to create groups in the class meaning less time and focus on each child.

  • If a child continues to progress not being on par with the expected learning, they will be leaving without the necessary knowledge required.

FastTrack is developed as a solution to bridge the gap and bring each student on par with their fellow students of the same age group.

How does FastTrack work?

  1. Identify - The teacher will identify any students who are considerably falling behind their class mates of the same age group. 

  2. Record - The teacher will complete a form detailing the student's current progress and correspond their progression to the other students of same age.

  3. Review - Our Illume madrasah management team will carefully review each and every submission and create a custom plan of action.

  4. Engage - We will then team up with parents to create an agreed upon FastTrack programme and provide any materials the parents will need.

  5. Collaborate - The teacher, Illume management and parent(s) will then work together to deliver the FastTrack programme and continuously monitor the child’s progression.